An ERASMUS student

We welcome Albert, an Erasmus student in Córdoba, who is going to help us with the bilingual project for three months. We hope he enjoys being with us.

Hi, my name is Albert and I come from Poland. I'm a student-participant of SOCRATES-ERASMUS program. Erasmus program is European international students exchange program which allows studying abroad for one year. Normally in Poland I'm studying at Technical University of Bialystok and thanks to this program I was able to come to Spain and study at Universidad de Cordoba. Anyone who is eager to travel and loves meeting new people and getting to know different cultures, Erasmus program is the best thing he could imagine!
My studies specialization is Electronics and Telecommunications. Basically it's about modern science like computers, mobile phones, high frequency devices... in one word it's physics. By coming to Spain I'm hoping to get to know spanish culture, habits and of course the language. Thanks to working in bilingual school, I'm hoping to increase my experience in getting to know all of those things.