Music for pleasure

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Rafael Jiménez dijo...

I love Win Mertens's music. Years ago I was in his concert in the Great Theatre of Cordoba. And he is the author of the music of a Peter Greenaway's movie that I like: The Belly of an Architect.

redacción dijo...

Wow! I didn't know you liked Wim Mertens. I had recently learnt about podcasts and I wanted to try on our blog. The fact that I chose Mertens for the background music comes from my admiration for his never-ending innovation and the beauty of his pieces. I too was in the theatre when he played in Córdoba (in fact I have seen him twice play live in our city) so there seem to be more things in common between us than one would have imagined.
Mertens is the only one that after 20 years still surprises and moves me.